About us

Since 2001, Hadiban Electronic has been acting as a distributor of electronic components that meet the highest standards for quality , delivery and service.
Hadiban Electronic , was established as a supplier of electronic components , instrumentation engineering , power and telecommunication equipments, relying on over years of experience and having a professional team, expert and experienced, for the provision of goods and services to the private and semi-private and public sectors.
The company have been successfull in various industries, through its different approach in procurement, purchasing and procurement projects.
Hadiban is seeking national position in the commercial electronics industry and always in the direction of the development of its network of suppliers and providers, has put its priority to provide the highest quality products from the most reputable manufacturers .
Hadiban electronics provides its products and services with a very special and unique features , and so far, have continuous and close cooperation over a dozen reputable manufacturers and contractors in the field of equipment in various industries such as following.
• Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
• Elevator
• Test and measurement devices
• Home Appliances
• Induction
• inverter and motor drive
• Telecommunication equipment
• opener and iPhone Video
• Medical Equipment
• Traffic equipment
• Auto Parts
• Welding and Cutting

From the very first day we were determined to be companion with our customers in achieving desired results through providing scientific and practical guidance as well as guaranteed products and in this regard, we tried to be stronger supporters for our customers by taking advantage of modern equipments.